Wanda CHERIF has lived a nomad existence living in The Netherlands, Spain, and Tunisia before settling in France. Architecture and design are her passions. Influenced by all these places with their own specific architecture, style, and culture she developed her own unique style.  
As a designer Wanda started her own small label in luxury leather goods some years ago and learned all aspects from research, marketing to the processes of production and design.  

But her biggest passion is architecture and interior design. During her study at the University of Hertfordshire (UK), Wanda developed her talents further. She enjoys creating beautiful things and seeing an idea come to life that makes others happy. 


Architects she admires are Jean Nouvel, Ramon Esteve, Peter Zumthor, and Valerio Olgati amongst others. With regard to Interior Design, she finds the French designers duo from Studio KO an inspiration as well as the Argentinian Laura Orcoyen.